Tuesday, February 4, 2014

interview me.

work it.

i got an email from a reader asking for outfit ideas for an upcoming work interview with a fashion company. of course, the first outfit that comes to mind for an interview is a tailored black suit. still a go-to for a more formal interview at say a law firm, cpa firm, bank, etc.  but, if the job will be in a more fashion-forward type environment or simply known for a more casual vibe, i am ALL for showing your personality with a little chic dress instead -- think dvf or j.crew.  when doing this, balance the dress with your accessories -- closed-toe shoes, less jewelry, pale fingernail polish, light perfume, and subtle makeup. 

the trick is to know your audience and wear something you are comfortable in so your mind is on the interview rather than worrying about what you chose to wear for it.  always do a dress rehearsal a few days prior to the interview to check the logistics -- will i need  spanks? do i need to pin it so the ladies aren't showing? how can i sit in this dress?  and, don't forget -- confidence is key. the company thought enough of you to interview you in the first place, so be yourself and own it.

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