Friday, March 14, 2014


this is what i plan to do this weekend -- except, i won't look half as good doing it.  my past week has been crazy full of lovely.  as you've probably seen on instagram, my mom's been here for a week now (she leaves tomorrow super early - sad!), and my sister,  brother-in-law, niece (age 3), & nephew (age 1) joined us for part of the week.  we've had the most ahMazing time, and i'm straight up exhausted.  so, after i run mom to lax in the morning, you'll find me in the bed cuddling with my birthday pup for the rest of the weekend.  i'll probably be watching both RH of NY and RH of BH on repeat.  does it get any better???  i think not.

i hope you have the most perfect weekend.

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