Tuesday, April 15, 2014


it's my favorite sale of all time.  so many great items to stock up on.
from now until thursday, save 25% off with the code: inthefamily14.

shop my picks by clicking on the links below:

      • remember these shorts that i picked out on the blog today? yep, just got them! the reviews say to size down -- just a FYI.
      • and, how about this classic tee... i'm pretty sure it'll go with everything.
      • i saw a girl at church last sunday that had on a dress similar to this one -- she threw on a faded blue jean jacket + brown pumps -- loved it!
      • how about those traveler jeans that i wear almost every day -- yes, 25% off!!
      • i'm loving this white midi dress -- add these grey pumps and you're set 
      • i adore this bikini -- just debating now whether to get it in this color or this one
      • k.jacques? got those too -- loving these and these

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