Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Distressed denim is everywhere.  And I mean, EVERYWHERE.  It started this past Spring and is definitely showing up again this Fall.  These are going into my shopping cart as we speak -- paired with these boots. Perfection.  Or how about these distressed boyfriend jeans?  I'm a fan.  If you're still in a shorts frame of mind, try these out.  I keep seeing them pop up on my board, as well as around town.  I'd size up to get length + a baggy effect (I'm showing my age...30's knocking at my door).

What else do we need to talk about... I'm on a healthier eating kick since I'm a b-maid in sissy's wedding in 6 weeks.  All was going well (I'd lost 5lbs) until we had greek food brought into the office yesterday.  Holy.. I ate my weight in pita bread and hummus.  This morning I had gained a lb back.  How does that even happen??  Can someone explain that to me, please.  So for now, I hate a carb and will try to avoid at all costs.  If you see me eating bread, pry it from my fingers.

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