Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I've just recently figured out that I love an avocado.  I could seriously eat three a week.  And no, I'm not "in the family way."  Have you tried avocado toast yet??  Leave work.  Go home and make it right now.  I die for it.  So knowing that... imagine how I felt when I saw an avocado + hummus recipe come across my board.  That's insane.  First, I'll toast my bread (which will be whole-wheat to make me feel better about life).  Then, I'll spread a layer of hummus followed by a layer of avocado.  Finishing it off with a roasted tomato.  The boy doesn't live for tomatoes, and since he took the pup out twice for me on Sunday, I'll probably switch his out for a piece of bacon.  So easy.  So yummy.  

p.s. Did you know avOcado is spelled with an O?? I wrote this entire post with it spelled with an A. Thank you Bill Gates... or whoever invented spell check.

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