Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Studded boots are THE ankle boots this Fall.  I saw this pair last Fall and was iff-y on them because they were a tid on the pricey side + I wasn't sure if they were too "trendy" -- meaning I wouldn't be able to wear them again when temps turned cooler this Fall.  On a side note, I wear my stuff.  A lot.  Especially when it comes to boots, coats, and bags.  I'm selective -- pick good pieces -- and get them polished/reheeled before I wear them again the next season.  Ok... back to studded ankle boots.  Maybe it's time to bite the bullet on the Chloe pair.  I've loved them for a while now.  
Not ready to eat only mac & cheese for a month to pay for these babies??  No prob.  Grab these -- they're half the price + I'm equally in love with them.  

Or, try these -- wayyyy cheaper + a similar look.

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