Monday, September 15, 2014


Are these invitations not the cutest things you've ever seen??  When I started planning a bridal shower for sissy, I knew exactly the place to get the invitations.  

Sugar Paper -- the most darling stationery store in the Brentwood Country Mart.  

So imagine my utter despair when I... of course... procrastinated and waited to the last minute to order my custom invites (They have a 3-4 wk turnaround for customs -- FYI).  Luckily, the super kind lady that answered the phone at Sugar Paper talked me down off the ledge and explained that I could get their invitations at at a fraction of the turn around time.  I hopped on over to the website -- customized my invite information -- and VOILA.  Perfection.  Paperless Post even offers the gold foil on their printed paper line, the signature of the Sugar Paper aesthetic.  

There's around 50 invitations to choose from, but here's a few of my favorites.

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