Friday, October 17, 2014


Ever wondered how to make the most perfect moscow mule??  All it takes is 3 things: vodka + ginger beer + lime juice.  And, an adorable copper cup of course!

This jacket.  It's quickly climbed to the top of my Santa wishlist.  It's the perfect leather jacket -- soft and zippered with unique details. 

Struggling to come up with a Halloween costume??  Hop on over to this site for some 90's-inspired Halloween costumes.  "I'm the Mary and you're the Rhoda" -- Romy & Michelle never gets old for me.

I've heard nothing but positive vibes about this facial mask.  It helps unclog pores, heal blemishes, and treat oily T-zones.  Sign me up!!!

Hello, zebra popcorn.  You are one of my very favorite desserts.  I discovered zebra popcorn at a Lakers game last fall and haven't been able to pass it up since.  A recipe so that I can make my own??  Yes, please.  Find it here.      

SAKS is having a sale.  A really good sale.  Get 25% off items like this little feathered dress.  How perfect is it for upcoming holiday parties -- and possibly even for a glammed up NYE??  I'm also debating snagging up this perfect jumpsuit.  I'm really loving that back!!

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  1. ....and now I'm craving zebra popcorn! This is so great!