Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Hi guys!!  Just stopping in to share a look I wore to brunch at Farmshop over the weekend.  If you are in town, go there and order the french toast.  Seriously delicious.  So, I'm more than a little obsessed with blanket scarves lately.  They're perfect for the warm days + cooler afternoons we have in the autumn months.  And, how perfect are they for travel??  I'm headed to Mississippi next week and will no doubt be wrapped up in this scarf for the entire three hour plane ride.  A plane ride that I'm bringing Charlie on by the way...  Lawd, help us all.  She's flown before and done well -- but it's a stressful experience for us both.  It's a bit of a mixture of Charlie trying to paw her way out of the carrier bag and me trying to sneak her out and put her in my lap without getting caught by a pesky stewardess.  All the while, the boy acts like he doesn't know either of us.

Grab these jeans on MAJOR sale down below. My scarf is from Zara (sold out), but I've found several from UO & A SOS that I love just as much (also below). Happy Tuesday!! X.

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