Monday, November 10, 2014


So, if you follow my Instagram, you know by now that... we're moving to NASHVILLE.  Soon.  Like -- freaking out -- the week of Thanksgiving soon.  

The boy and I moved to LA a little over a year and a half ago for his work.  Our short time in LA has been one of my very favorite times in my life to date.  Every weekend, we found ourselves having a mini-vacay.  We'd biked around town (even in the "winter" time); we tried every restaurant feasibly possible; and we traveled around to SF, Napa, and San Diego.  We've made life-long friends, and after some searching, we found a church we really felt at home at in Bel Air.  But, even during all this, I think we both knew deep down that this time in LA was short-term.  We spent most holidays + lots of vacation days flying back and forth to the South for holidays, weddings, baby showers, etc.  We've missed some birthdays and the births of several little babies.  We've missed the entire Mississippi State football season -- the first season we've been #1 -- ever.  And, really, we just missed the South, and all that comes with it.

With surprising ease, we both decided we wanted to be in Nashville.  It's 3 hours to the boy's family in Memphis and 2.5 from there to mine in Jackson, MS.  We made several trips to Nashville before we moved to LA -- one time in which we got engaged.  So, when the most perfect job opportunity came about, we decided it was time.  And, with that, we had a week to find a place to live and now a week or so to pack up our little one bedroom and head home.  

As to the blog, SWEARonCHANEL is coming to Nashville.  I can't wait to shoot my winter outfits without melting in 80 degree weather.  I also am excited to share my out and abouts with you as we explore our new home.  If you're in the Nashville area, shoot me some places to see and restaurants to try.  I plan to spend the next year getting to know Nashville and sharing it here on the blog as I go.  


Grabbed Burgers at The Pharmacy in East Nashville.

These chocolate chip pancakes were worth standing in line for at Pancake Pantry.

J.CREW Camel Blazer
J.CREW Chambray Shirt
J.BRAND Skinny Jeans
TORY BURCH Riding Boots (on sale!! -- dying over these)
J.CREW Leopard Scarf (sold out -- loving this one from Madewell)

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