Saturday, December 6, 2014


Hey loves!!  So... as you've noticed, I've been a tid MIA lately.  The boy and I are trying to get settled in Nashville -- which has included us sleeping on an air mattress with only a weeks worth of clothing in our suitcases.  We'll soon be unpacking boxes and hopefully getting our lives into some sort of routine.  It's nice to have a little break from your daily to-do's -- but I'm a creature of habit and routine.  Another lil fun fact... we're renting a condo for a year while we decide where to buy a house.  A fact that's constantly on my mind as we unpack (since we'll be packing up in 11 short months to move into a house).   

Besides the current living-sitch, we're loving Nashville.  Our friends have really spoiled us and made sure that we've had everything we could possibly need.  I'm so thankful that I packed my new camel coat and skinny jeans (both on MAJOR sale) -- I've been living in both this past week.  Cuz, it's C-O-L-D in Nashville.  I grabbed this rosebud lip balm last weekend and LOVE it.  It'd make a great stocking stuffer if you're still looking for an item or two.  Well... I'm off to catch up on Real Housewives.  We just got cable/internet on Thursday and I'm playing catch up.  I'm loving Lisa Rinna on RHofBH, by the way...  If they'd just bring back Camille Grammer (Camille from 1st season... not her edited 2nd Season version), I could sleep at night.           
XO, Kelly

Camel Coat (on sale!!)
Skinny Jeans (on sale!!)
Pumps (similar)

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  1. How did I not even realize you moved?! I'll be there in February!