Monday, December 29, 2014


I desperately need a good agenda book in my life.  My most reoccurring dream is me forgetting that I signed up for a class and remembering halfway through the semester that it was on my schedule.  I wake up in a full on PANIC each time.  After must self-diagnosis via google, I'm taking my dream(s) as a sign that I need to get organized.  I tend to just throw my plans into my iphone calendar and hope that I'll get an alert enough in advance to get to where I need to be -- but how nice to have it all out in front of you in a pretty little book so you can see your full day in advance and get prepared.  Especially when there's so many cute options available.  I'm loving the polka dot Kate Spade planners (and the price!!) -- and how cute is this one from Henri Bendel.  I'm also considering grabbing this one from Tory Burch -- it's a tid more formal and office appropriate.  So, here's to a more organized 2015!!  Happy planning :)  xoxo.


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