Tuesday, January 27, 2015


It's cold, y'all {feel free to roll your eyes if you're in Boston right now}.  I got really spoiled living in LA where it stays 75 year round -- and now I'm a cold weather baby.  And, while I'm enjoying my boots (hello, my new favorite slouchy boots), warm coats, and the occasional snow, I'm ready for a beach.  The boy and I are headed to Charleston for my 30th in April -- but, I'm really needing my toes in the sand sooner than later.  Here's a few pieces that I plan to have in my bag on my next getaway.

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My top 5 favorite getaways...

best service and spa hands down...
probably our favorite resort as of yet

perfect weather, whale watching, &
yummy food (the creamy potatoes at spago were ahMazing)

so much fun exploring the island on foot or by jeep --
when we finally tore ourselves away from the views at the resort

this resort is on my to-do list --
perched on a cliff with sandy white beaches below

my next trip to miami will include a few nights at this secluded resort

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