Sunday, March 15, 2015


Hi guys!  We have a few things to talk about...

1) If you follow my instagram, you know by now that we're in the market for a house in Nashville.  I keep going back and forth between building vs. buying.  I'm giving it until the summer or so to see if I can find a house that I love enough not to build -- since, ultimately not-building would save mucho stress and time.  People ask me all the time what style of house I want, but I can't ever put it into words.  I just know that I'll know it when I see -- and hopefully when I know it, the boy will agree to buy it.  The one thing that I know for sure is that I want it to be some form of white or something that I can paint white.  I'll, of course, share the house on here when we find it but until then, you can find the ones catching my eye on my board daily.

2) Are y'all watching The Jinx on HBO??  I feel like if you're not, you should stop reading this and go binge watch.  It's a 6-part documentary series about a man suspected of 3 murders over the last forty years.  One of which he might or might not have just gotten arrested for after the docuseries aired.   Oopsie.

3) The boy and I just got back from Asheville, NC this afternoon.  One of my best girls had her bachelorette party over the weekend there, and I talked/begged/bribed the boy to drive me through the mountains.  If you haven't been, Asheville is a super fun, unique place.  I highly recommend Wicked Weed for a brewery {the hamburgers were equally awesome} and Biscuit Head for brunch.   Oh, and the boy thoroughly enjoyed his golf round at the Omni.

Hope you have a great week! Xx.

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