Saturday, April 18, 2015


This is the first weekend I've had in a while to just be still.  The boy is out of town at a golf tourney leaving me in Nashville for my first weekend in a month.  I've been running errands, getting a few much needed workouts in, and catching up on the past season of the Good Wife.  I've also made some time to start my yearly swimsuit hunt.  I have a thing for swimsuits and always seem to snag at least one a summer.  Now that we're in Spring and cruising towards a few Vitamin D filled weekends, I decided to peruse a few of my favorite sites to try to pick out which lovely I'll be living in this summer.  Oh, and btw, I've recently discovered a new 3-month bikini body workout that I'm loving.  More on that to come.

Some favorites... I'm still narrowing it down -- but I'm loving this Zimmermann bikini and this blush beauty.

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