Tuesday, July 14, 2015


1) This has become my favorite beauty product... maybe ever.  If I had to pick between it and anything else in my makeup bag, it wins (even over mascara!).  

2) I am just now coming to the last few pages of Valley of the Dolls.  I understand now why it's an iconic summer book read.  Now on to The Girl on the Train...

3) I watched the final episode of Sons of Anarchy last weekend.  I love binge watching shows but get so down when they're over!?  Any suggestions for a new show are mucho appreciated.

4) It's H-O-T in Nashville.  Like hot enough to make me move back to El Lay. 

5) This bag is taunting me.  The cashmere grey is everythingggg.

5) Chat soon.  Kelly x.

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