Friday, July 17, 2015


It's time, y'all.  The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has started, and you don't want to miss it.  It's mixed with mark downs of summer pieces, new styles for fall and key staples for every closet.  Here's my top ten picks from the sale {plus the reasons why}.  Talk soon.  Kelly x.

1.  BeautyBlender Must Have Trio // It pains me to buy beauty tools.  Physically pains me.  I buy make up and cleansers every month, but I'll use my brushes and tools until they're falling apart.  So when these products (especially these bad boys) go on sale, I jump.  The BeautyBlender is vital to every makeup kit -- especially for blending and contouring.

2.  Anastasia Brow Set // I've always loved Cara D's brows but never realized how important good brows are for framing the face until I stumbled upon this brow how-to video.  It's ahMazing how much a good brow makes a difference.  When investing in brow products, there's only one line to consider and that's Anastasia.  Luckily, the brow set is on SALE and I'm about to clean house.

3.  Causal linen dress // An absolute staple piece for the summer.  You can wear it anywhere and everywhere.

4.  Grey leather bag // One of many reasons that I love my LV bags are because they're so versatile.  They go with brown, black, and all the colors in between.  After debating a new bag, I've decided to go with grey for similar reasons.  It pairs well with everything and transitions easily from summer into fall.

5.  Hanky Panky undies // Undies come second runner up to beauty tools in the list of things that I hate buying.  They always seem so costly for something that no one sees.  So, when these naughty bits go on sale, I LOAD up.  Hanky Pankys are IT for me.  I wear them every. single. day.

6.  Hunter wellies // One of the best investment pieces you'll make.  Period.

7.  Revitabrow // Because I waxed my brows on the regular until about five years ago.  They've pretty much stopped growing, and I need them back. Stat.

8.  Jo Malone // The scent of the summer. Trust me, you'll be obsessed after your first spritz.

9.  Vince white tee // If you've followed the blog for a while, you've seen this white tee numerous times.  I just love it.  It has a dressier feel than most white tee's that I've tried and is made of a great linen material.

10.  Skinny Jeans // These are my favorite skinny jeans.  They work with heels and fit so easily into knee boots in frigid months.  Plus, they stay skinny all day -- no dreaded late afternoon slouchiness.

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